The First 1000 Days

The First 1000 Days

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that first appears in childhood. In spite of much research, there remains no known cause although there are many theories. A research project conducted by the Inova Translational Medicine Institute in Fairfax, VA might provide additional clues. The project will follow 5000 women and their babies through pregnancy to age 2. In addition to genomic studies, researchers will have access to comprehensive medical records during this key time in the development of a child. The study is not specific to ASD, and is likely to have a relatively small number of children who have ASD (at a rate of 1 in 88, it would be expected that about 56 of the 5000 would have ASD). In spite of these limitations, it is a massive undertaking and will likely provide information that will be used in further research. Read more about this project here.

Russell J. Bonanno, M.Ed.

TAP Program Manager

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