TAP Celebrates 10 Years of Helping Illinois Families

tapbday-2402Join us throughout 2013 as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Autism Program of Illinois (TAP). In 2003, Illinois legislative leaders created TAP to address the rising prevalence of ASDs. Back then, TAP started with three regional centers and has now expanded to become the largest statewide network of autism service and resource providers in the nation.

There was a time in Illinois when parents faced an uncertain future for their children. Before TAP, Illinois providers struggled to keep up with the growing rate of autism diagnoses and families desperately needed affordable, supportive services. Now, parents can find the help they need through TAP and our network of university partners, service centers and collaborative partners across the state.

Since the program began in 2003, the prevalence rate continues to increase exponentially. An ever-increasing prevalence rate means those teaching, serving and caring for children on the spectrum need additional resources. In addition to providing direct services to children, we train more than 9,000 people each year, providing parents, teachers, childcare providers and medical professionals access to a network of autism experts.

We couldn’t do it without you—our partners, advocates, families and friends. You consistently lend your time, effort, and support to ensure that TAP continues to be available to the 1 in 88 children diagnosed with autism. Please accept our sincere thanks for your on-going support in the past 10 years, and here’s to another decade of supporting the wonderful children in your lives.

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