Making time for self care

meAs a professional, you devote a lot of time and energy to caring for others. If you have a family, even more of your emotional and mental resources are zapped! Pile the holiday stressors on top and you have a recipe for disaster (instead of gingerbread). Make it through the holidays with positive vibes and good health by filling your self-care reservoir.

Self care tips for professionals:

1. Get some rest! Getting to bed at a reasonable time will help you fight off the stressers from the day and will go a long way to keeping you cold and flu free. Having a hard time winding down? Try journaling- here are some ideas to get you started.

2. Try to eat healthy! We know, this can be nearly impossible with all of the parties and sweets in the office. Eating out is the biggest culprit for weight gain, so try to eat at home whenever possible. One easy way to create nutritious home-cooked options without the fuss is by using your Crock-Pot! Check out these healthy recipes!

3. Have a positive attitude! Sometimes the best way to curb stress is to improve your outlook. Most likely you invest a lot of energy in affirming other people and telling them why they are wonderful. Do the same for yourself! Change your self-limiting statements (“I can’t handle this!”) into questions (“How can I handle this?”). Immediately, you open the window for possibilities…and hopefully a better frame of mind. Another alternative is to put a new positive quote up in your office or on the refrigerator for some daily inspiration.

4. Know and respect your limits! Sick time and vacations days are provided to human services professionals for a reason- you need them! The job can be emotionally and physically exhausting, so do yourself (and your coworkers) a favor and take time off when you are not feeling well or when you need a break. The work will still be there when you return, so take time to care for yourself, just as you do for your clients or family.  While this person works in a different field, they have some great ideas for setting good boundaries.

5. Laugh! There are no shortages of ways to get your giggles this time of year. Enjoy your time with family, and don’t stress about the little things. They won’t notice if your house isn’t spotless. Instead of fretting about hosting the perfect gathering, focus on rehashing embarrassing stories and spending time together. Also, there are no shortages of hilarious seasonal movies. Think you’ve seen them all? Check out this list.

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