Network Director – Russell J. Bonanno, M.Ed.

Mr. Bonanno brings to TAP his extensive experience in child and family services, professional training, and teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as corporate consulting.  Mr. Bonanno initially joined TAP as the Program Manager working closely with TAP Network Partners in the areas of Contract Management, Program Development, Evaluation, and Coordination. As Director he will be working with TAP partners to further development of a system of care for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in Illinois.   Mr. Bonanno will represent the Network and collaborate with other organizations to address government policies impacting people with ASD and their families. Based in the  TAP Central Office in Springfield, he will travel around Illinois regularly throughout the year. Mr. Bonanno has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a focus in Healthcare Management and a Master’s in Education in Psychological Studies with a clinical focus. Before coming to TAP Mr. Bonanno was the Child Welfare Manager for two Colorado counties and the Director for a Community Mental Health Agency in two counties.

Regional Coordinator, IDHS Region 3 – Sheila Krein, Ph.D.

Sheila began at TAP in 2006.  Her role is to empower and represent families in the community.  In addition to answering questions and providing resources to families and professionals, she assists families with school, home and community issues so that our children and young adults with autism can be as independent as possible. Sheila wrote TAP’s Entering Adult Life with Autism and other Developmental Disabilities publication and is part of the team that developed the 2014 statewide Transition Tools for Life manual.  She has a young adult son with autism, so it follows that her interest is in school transition and adult issues. Being a parent of a child with autism, she is better able to understand and relate to the struggles parents have and their need for other parent support.

Regional Coordinator, IDHS Region 1 – Jose Luis Ovalle

Mr. Ovalle works to empower and represent families in the community and is the father identical twin adult males with Autism. Also, he is one of the directors of Grupo SALTO, a support group for families who have children with an ASD and whose principal language is Spanish. Mr. Ovalle is an AUCD-LEND 2009-2010 graduate in the family discipline and a member of the AUCD Act Early Illinois chapter. Additionally, he served an active role in Advancing Futures for Adults with Autism (AFAA). Mr. Ovalle is an appointed board member for the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities (ICDD).

The Autism Program of Illinois (TAP) administrative offices are operated by The Hope Institute for Children and Families and are located in the Noll Medical Pavilion in Springfield.

5220 S. 6th Street Rd., Suite 1700

Springfield, IL 62703

(217) 585-5178